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Sensei's CV

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Tsakatanis Dimitrios was born in 1959 in Agrinio.


In 1980 he came in first contact with karate. The coach instructor was Peter Apostolakis.


Slowly he met with GojuRyu. After many years of training and participation in competitions in Germany and Greece, began to enter into the spirit of style.


To 1988 he went to Germany, where the TOKIO FUNASAKO promoted him to black belt 1st DAN.


In 1990 he opened his own school.


In 1993 he took the 2nd DAN IKGA.


In 1998 gave exam in Greek Karate Federation for the 3rd DAN and simultaneously became secretary of the Technical Committee GREEK KARATE FEDERATION, until 2013.


In 2003 he took 4th DAN J.K.F. GOJUKAI.


Recent years is a National Referee (REFEREE A TO KUMITE, JUDGE A at KATA) and Balkan Referee (REFEREE A TO KUMITE, JUDGE A at KATA). Also Mediterranean Referee.


All degrees are recognized by the WKF (World Karate Federation).


He has attended seminars with Goshi Yamaguchi 8th DAN IKGA, with Ingo de Jonk 7th DAN IKGA and with Leo Lipinski 7th DAN JKF GOJUKAI - 8th DAN SEIWAKAI. Also Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi 8o Dan JKFGojukai.


Many of the athletes are members of the Greek National Team who have won many medals in the Balkans in Europe and Worldwide.


He is the Technical Manager of the organization (JKF) JAPAN KARATE FEDERATION GOJU KAI for Greece.


He is a Qualified coach GSS 5th Dan SEIWAKAI and 5th DAN WKF. Also, he is a qualified examiner class B.


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